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Is the us heading for a blue wave?

The past year has been a slow drip that seems to be slowly flowing into the future.

According to the latest annual survey by CCS Insight, which focuses on business growth, the U.S. is poised to add nearly 9 million jobs through 2021.

But it's important to note that economic growth doesn't mean growth in overall employment. The unemployment rate continues to dip, even when you take into account an overall unemployment rate in the U.S. of 4.1%. That's a pretty low level. The best guess for the overall population growth rate is about 6 million. The official population growth rate is much more like 5 million per year. It's the U.S. economy growing at the faster rate than it's ever grown, as it has in the past. The jobs and wages growth was driven largely by new technology growth (see my colleague Daniel Fournier's post on the topic).

Now, some might be saying, maybe we should have waited for something like the tech bubble and the housing market bust to hit instead. Maybe we needed to get ready for something like the Brexit crisis. Perhaps.

Well, no. The reality is that many Americans don't want the pace of growth that's coming. They want it to slow and plateau. That's how I view things.

I think this growth outlook is one that will remain fairly static over the long term. The U.S. has had very strong job growth over the past five years. The only time it hasn't been at a higher rate has been in 2010. As of 2017, there were more than 12 million more jobs than people. For a bit over a decade, the U.S. was heading toward a full employment environment. But then, things went sideways pretty quickly, both in terms of the unemployment rate and the business climate.

If things get really out of hand, the U.S. is going to have to have a reset, an adjustment, because the global economy isn't exactly going to be happy with the way things are working. And that's certainly not what I'm optimistic about.

I really do like my U.S. economic growth prospects, and I think there's a chance that it's possible. But I also want to point out that we're still in an era of strong economic expansion and we're still in a time when the U.S. economy is actually doing better than any other major nation on earth.

What I'm saying is, don't get too worried about U.S. economic growth. Be focused on a different level of employment — a world-wide economy that's doing better than its neighbors. So I won't be so much worried about the pace

Energy storage needed to keep bills down finkel report warns

Renewable energy projects could have cost taxpayers $4 billion a year in 2013, an unprecedented cost increase in a decade, according to the report by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA). It called the cost of these projects a potential threat to American business and consumers.

If costs rise too high, federal support for renewable energy would dry up and business might shift away from the energy technology.

"That costs could start to grow because states and municipalities won't put forth the same kind of money required to keep up with the cost of renewables in their local tax policies and spending," said Bill Frist, head of the AWEA's renewable energy program. "Then, when that tax base is depleted, they'll find themselves with less money to spend on their schools, to keep their streets safe, or to pay off all those student loan debts."

Frist and others said the report is a warning that federal policies on wind energy are not working as intended. They noted that the government has been trying to push renewables away from its traditional markets and toward markets like natural gas and solar, where costs are rising faster than the economic recovery.

In the future, the AWEA believes, wind energy can compete on an equal footing with solar, fossil fuels, and the traditional power plants used to provide them.

A few of its analysts, however, said those projections remain conservative.

"Wind energy can still compete on an equal footing with coal, gas and coal-fired power plants," said Bill Roggio, a policy analyst with the AWEA. "We don't think these projections are realistic and we think their costs continue to escalate."

In an e-mailed statement, AWEA President and CEO Tom Donohue said "We do not have any data and will not be able to comment on this issue."

The report also said AWEA "would not support any new federal legislation that would impose more costs on small businesses" to support the renewable energy industry.

According to a report last year from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the solar industry is projected to account for about one third of the total U.S. solar panel production by 2013. The report calculated that a one percent reduction in the federal tax cred


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Titulek: Breeches - restricted singular of horse riding clothing

Like every discipline of sport, horse riding also requires particular gear. It won't suggest that without correct apparel of the rider, the horse will not canter, however the norm, level of comfort, aesthetics play a critical purpose in all of the disciplines. Especially horse riding, namely a discipline from distant background, has built particular attributes through the years. Breeches are undoubtedly one of them.

Equestrian breeches, coziness, and custom
Equestrian breeches are exceptional horseback riding jeans. For the reason that they don't include seams on the inner side of the leg, namely in the area in which the rider’s leg meets the saddle, they give you ease and comfort and mobility of actions. This kind of strategy for stitching defends your sensitive skin from chafing, permits the rider to properly seat the horse and travel for a long time devoid of unfavorable effects. Breeches might be firmer or puffed throughout the thighs, like cavalry breeches.

Currently, the most famous are firmer types of breeches, nevertheless, there is still a huge group individuals preferring the cavalry type, such as saloons or jodhpurs, with straight or slightly widening legs. The last style became well-liked in the 19th century Britain because of Jodhpur maharajah taking part in polo in such apparel.

The things that make breeches distinctive?

Breeches are seen as a high waistline and grip - short or long. A grip is an extra fortification along with a level of suede, leather or silicone that goes far towards the knees or over the entire leg. The idea ensures considerably better gluiness, gumminess in the seat, on the other hand, the model of the breeches will depend on the rider’s tastes.

Full grip breeches have this extra strengthening on the inner side of the trousers on the entire length of the place that the rider’s body suits the saddle - with the buttocks to lower legs. This particular type is rather loved by dressage riders, who want to ride at a trot or canter. By reason of reduced slippage and good tackiness, gluiness, gumminess, they make it much easier to remain in the seat.

Knee grip breeches have the strengthening on the inner section of the knees. This specific type is particularly preferred among jumping riders because it ensures flexibility of movements even at the cost of a reduced grasp. It performs at a trot and canter in half-seat.

Components for breeches
In order for breeches to get as heavy duty as they possibly can, they should be made of top quality components. Fabric is picked out for a given season, it is therefore thoroughly breathable, isolating, quick-dry, and easy to clear. The fabric must be somewhat flexible and keep its structure even after several laundries.


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